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Q: Who's your favourite troll/character from Homestuck?
A: Roxy, Dirk, Dave, Terezi, Nepeta, Gamzee, Karkat, Sollux, Vriska, Damara, Meenah, Cronus.

Q: Where do you live?
A: Canada

Q: Which part of Canada?
A: The Canadian part

Q: Do you take/do requests?
A: Well, I would rather not. However, I have trouble saying no. So basically, most likely just for friends. But if I refuse, it doesn't mean we aren't friends~

Q: What's your real name?
Blaisie. GTFO. I'm kidding don't leeeave meeeee
If you do however find out my real name, I would prefer if you didn't refer to me as such.


Gender-fluid proud by GalialayNeutral Pronouns by QuinceDorkStamp: I'm fabulous by Lily-de-WakabayashiFab. Link by MissOhOctoberWii Fit Trainer by MarlenesstampsCanadian Hetalian by ChokorettoMilkuSPN - Crowley stamp by nezukuroUnited Kingdom by SirvanaRachanaSlash and non-slash by SA948-Stampssam and dean : wheeeeeeeeee by Bloody-ChangelingIf you don't like it, that's fine. by World-Hero21Stamp: Periods by Riza-IzumiStamp: OH GOD THE HUMANITY by Queen-of-ChoiceQuadrants Stamp by Aenek-LycaonBut they did nothing wroooooooong... by aim--and--igniteAll Five and a Half of Them by endlerMore To Come by mysticfeline7Stamp: Tinkerbull Love by Queen-of-ChoiceHug a Cactus Stamp by mylastelMARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwlerStamp - Gaara Smile by Sandy--ApplesKesha Stamp by RandomTonsPaint Tool SAI Stamp by EnergyzedDA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsAdam Lambert Stamp by timiditeTerezi Stamp by MeanWhatuSayI Love The Legend of Zelda Stamp by ladybug95MLP Rarity stamp by Schwarz-1MLP Pinkie Pie stamp by Schwarz-1Snivy Stamp by Claws14SHIPPERS GONNA SHIP BRO :stamp: by Kurai-Kogami24Canada Stamp by l8Scanty and Kneesocks Stamp by slateport.:request:. ShiningMac Stamp by schwarzekatze4Stamp - SSBB Characters by AnonymousLinkI Forget to Eat Stamp by SpikytasticStamp: Team Toothless by MoogleGurlStamps are for losers... by Dante-DS-Mask Salesman Stamp- by CynicalCuccoVideo games by Cathines-StampsFMA Edward Elric - Wiggle by Cathines-StampsOnline friends stamp by SuyyDemi Lovato Stamp by yumi95Panty Stamp by Creative-TorporStocking Stamp by Creative-TorporSo Many Fandoms so Little Time by endler+ Anima Stamp by garbagepickerSTAMP: Dog Lover by zungzwangPokemon by DaakukitsuneNice Butt Stamp by Kezzi-RoseLiarjack-Not a Brony Stamp by Sonic-chaosStamp: Terezi chibi by Michiru-Mewbluh bluh by JanbearpigHS: Terezi Pyrope by Janbearpigthis makes sense by MintyPepperNepeta Pounce Stamp by imacrazytrekkieHomestuck Stamp: Smilies by KitsumonI love Homestuck by LadyQuintessenceDeidara stamp-blue by kaiyou-chanAkatsuki Stamp by Reckless-X-AbandonDeidara Stamp by PeachMochiDeidara :: Stamp by Ilya-sanFMA Stamp by aniphxOkami:Oki stamp by suna-kynsiniekkaAmmy and Oki Stamp 2 by tranceofstardustSubway ZOMBIES... by princess-femi-stampsenjoy everything. by kataimiko+Flutterdash Stamp+ by A-Ponies-LoveTwinkie Stamp by migueruchanDr. Whooves Stamp by jewlechoVinyl Scratch Stamp by jewlechoZecora Stamp by jewlechoDerpy Hooves Stamp by jewlechoPinkie Pie Stamp by jewlechoPinkie Pie Stamp by jewlechoADVENTURE PFF STAMP by madelezabethLink: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRuiLink: The Evolution Stamp by TiuanaRuiIggy's Hair - FrUk Stamp by AlClairzetsu love by kaiyou-chanTucker's Brother by MiZuKiIsMe.Danny Phantom Stamp. by White-WolfenTeam Rocket Stamp by kalot3000Team Rocket Stamp by MarkiSanI love Duck trolling Retrievers by RoraeeySTAMP: Glasses by EmotikonzKnuckles Stamp by Abbu1STAMPSBTVS : Spike Love by BiskizitAPH - Allies Marching Stamp by 2DeaMy Art Sucks -Article Stamp by AssClownFishYeah I swear by AssClownFishMusic by renatalmarshin in the dark... by princess-femi-stampsOne day,you'll see- Poke Stamp by DesuSigMakerOkamiden Stamp by krystlekmy:thumb176829812:Green Team Stamp: Link + Yoshi by ArcticwatersBlue Team Stamp: ZSS + Pikachu by ArcticwatersSSBB Kirby Stamp by crafty-manxSSBB Pit Stamp by crafty-manxSSBB Link Stamp by crafty-manxSSBB Lucario Stamp by crafty-manxJolteon by Cathines-StampsLucario Fan stamp by Milestailsprower2991Maximum Ride Fang -Stamp- by Katttty920Maximum Ride Gazzy -Stamp- by Katttty920Maximum Ride Iggy -Stamp- by Katttty920Maximum Ride Nudge -Stamp- by Katttty920Year of the Cat :FB Edition: by KTstampsYear of the Ox :FB Edition: by KTstampsShadow Link Stamp by KirikoAsakuraWhy I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainLing x Edward 3 by lingxedOUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-SpiritSnakes Need Love Too by i-stamp

Want to Find me elsewhere on the WorldWideWeb?

Skype: blaisie_whats-er-face*
Steam: blaisie*
Pesterchum: blazingZephyr*

*tell me who the fuck you are or I'm not adding you

DA Family!

:icondyanthus-can-pwn-yoo: that random thing im sumhow related to
:icontailsdoll22: muh possesed teddy bear serial killer partner
:icontoastersan: my grandma that likes dressin up in a mustache
:iconflickawhite: my pika girl! (…
:icona-girl-in-a-sweater: my pervy grandmother
:iconchibiofevil8: the llama brony that sings songs to monsters under the nonexistent stairs
:iconcastielsexy1234: my pervy yaoi and yuri loving sister
:iconkowany: my very own flying mint bunny!
:iconiwontbitethathard: my wonderland addict cousin
:iconbirchwing: my twin that lives in my closet and leads a cult of dust bunnies
:iconaskyowanehaku-chan: my chibi sister
:iconfloralflower: MY RAGE SENSEI
:iconwitchyscientistkae: The King~!
:iconl4d2rulez215: My weird cousin who likes listening to video game music
:iconangelwing8: My spazzy stalker neighbor who eats waffles all day long
:icondaimondstar07: My fruity nutcase bro. The Equius to my Nepeta~!
:iconr-r-ryukthemaiden: The PewDiePie to my Cry!
:iconabbybaka: My yaoi buddy!
:iconxticklexmexemox: My sister who is also GoreyPsychoChick's sister
:iconbelgianbabe: My Moirail
:iconzzappzz: My Auspistice/Matesprit
:iconsilvercelestt777: My Loli twin
:iconstarkirby4354: The epic BENxJeff supporter from the land of awesome!
:iconmasterpresley: weed buddies 69evr
:iconbloodstainedhowl: My pet wolf that thinks shes a cat
:iconassassipnf: My demon hunting sister
Chibi star for your page by SilverCelestt777Chibi star for your page by SilverCelestt777

Amazing people you need to watch/subscribe to

:iconcomickit: Comickitty
-her Pastamonsters comic is amazing, and I'm always looking forward to the next page!
:iconchaoticmonkiplz: Cry
-Cry's videos are some of the best on YouTube. He does a wide variety of things, making his channel both interesting and fun! ((and that voice of his....unff))
:iconpinkreign: Rain
-her art is awesome! She's an awesome person with awesome art and awesome interests! So much awesome in one place!
:iconr-r-ryukthemaiden: Maddie
-she's an amazing person. Her art is lovely, she's a beautiful indivudual, and I love talking to her! She's the Pewdie to my Cry! >U<
:icondaimondstar07: Johnny
-Johnny is epic. He's really smart, and you can't leave a skype call without getting atleast something intellectually interesting out of him!
:iconmidniteandbeyond: Jeffu
-Jeffu is crazy. Him and Johnny give me such yaoi feels every skype call. :iconmahfeelzplz: His LP videos are always entertaining! (…
:iconsilvercelestt777: Cellie
-Cellie is amazing! Her art is cute, and her voice is adorable! She's my friend, my minion, and everything I could hope for~
:iconcirque-b: Maranda
-Another great friend of mine. I've seen her change accounts many times, and her art blows me away! Brofist Maranda!
:iconflickawhite: Shelby
-One of my earliest watchers, Shelby has gone from a girl with cute art to an amazing, professional-level artist with an amazing creativity!
:iconmidna01: Midna
-Midna is an amazing artist! She draws the most amazing things!
:iconbloodstainedhowl: Stainy
-Stainy is a person who has gone through some tough times, but it hasn't dampened her spirits enough to break her down! Another deviant I've witnessed the evolution of, Stainy is a great person with lovely art and some really inspiring stories
:iconkitzophrenic: Cherry
-She draws some amazing cats! She's a really nice person and her page is definitely worth a look!
-Lilly is a talented person, and she draws the cutest ponies and pokemon!
-Finchy has been a fundimental part of my growing as an artist. She taught me how to use gimp so I could move away from one-layer programs such as MS Paint. Her art is amazing!
-Ayu is a great friend. She's so nice, her art style is adorable, and her journals are interesting and worth the read!



Yes you! The person reading this! If you are reading this, it means you have looked at my profile and care enough to read about me! I appreciate every single pageview, favourite, comment, anything and everything! Thank you for caring about me! :heart::love::heart:

Almost Spring Break

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 7, 2014, 9:40 AM

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Hey sso
spring break
two whole weeks to sit on my ass
itll only take a week or so and then ill be feeling useless

 sooo I've decided I miiiiight take some requests during that time!
 So if you have something you want me to draw, let me know and I might try and get that done~!


idk man

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Blaisie's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Name: Blaisie
Age: 16
Birthday: October 21
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Canadian

The Bad Kids Trio~!
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Astrology Series - Libra by feiyan
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: D lets not kill eachother, ok~?

God Tier Title:
Star of Breath
Land: Land of Fog and Despair (LOFAD)
Dream Planet: Prospit

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.:Ju-On:. Kayako Saeki by r-r-ryukthemaiden

Very well done. I've never actually seen this, but I love your drawing. The blood splatters, shading, and colouring are my favourite pa...

Josie's Fighting Stance by Bloodstainedhowl

This is definitely my favourite piece of yours yet. It makes me think of a video game sprite, in those battles. The hair has a nice tex...

Korowl :colored: by Bloodstainedhowl

I really like this picture! It has to be one of your best so far. I especially like the texture on the fur-looks pretty realistic, whil...

Chibi star for your page by SilverCelestt777Chibi star for your page by SilverCelestt777

give me something to draw this weekend! 

4 deviants said it could be a character
No deviants said or a ship
No deviants said or just a fandom suggestion
No deviants said just give me suggestions!!!!!



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5:27 am
Apr 21, 2014
10:51 pm
Apr 21, 2014
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12:26 am
Apr 20, 2014
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youre very welcome! c:
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i was about to yell "HWOD YOU FIND ME" but then i remembered i fav'd your story
no deception, it is indeed me
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Ye.  eue  Imma lurk around and pop up when you least expect it, screaming, OMFG HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME LOOK HOW MUCH YOU'VE IMPROVED!!!!

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